Safety first -

Book your trip or rent a snowmobile and go by yourself.

You can use your own equipment, or rent from us. At our Base Camp Barnengen Gård we have everything you need to enjoy your trip.



Everyone in Varanger drives snowmobile. Why don`t you give it a go!  Our Arctic landscape is covered by snow during the winter and why don`t do as the natives does and go for a drive? You can go on a longer snowmobile safari through the majestic nature in Varanger. Along the way we will meet wildlife and most defenetly get lots of local stories about the area along the way.

Safety first

We care about your health, safety measures and the environment.

Our introduction will make sure that you will be ready to enjoy of safaris in a safe way.
We care about the environment. All our s

What you need is: 

  • Driver license
  • Good health