We offer a wide range of safaris in Varanger

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Explore Varanger by ATV

Explore Varanger by ATW! The different way to explore Varanger.  Let us take you for a ride in scenic surroundings in Varanger. Our guides will take good care of you and we can promise a little tail along the way. There is plent of stories myth or real all over Varanger.  We make sure we stop to take a break with propper Norwegian coffee made on the campfire and a little dried reindeer meat to go along with the coffee.


King Crab Safari

The best way to experience the sea in Varanger is to be exactly where the wildlife is. In the fjord! Join us on our snorkeling King Crab Safari for an excellent experience.


Fishing Excursions

Love to do what the locals do? They do love fishing both summer and winter and we offers fishing safaris all year around. Varanger Safari takes you around Varanger to find the best lakes and rivers for fishing. We are aiming to catch trout and char and to enjoy the stunning nature in Varanger. There are many secret lakes to explore with Varanger Safari.


Aurora Borealis

Why don`t you join Varanger Safari and spend an exiting time hunting the Northern lights?  We offers different Aurora Borealis safaris were our main purpose is to give you a uniq and personal experience. You will always be our main focus and we will always guide you to the place where it is most likely to experience the mesmerising Aurora Borelais dancing over you. 



Everyone in Varanger drives snowmobile. Why don`t you give it a go! Our Arctic landscape is covered by snow during the winter and why don`t do as the natives does and go for a drive? You can go on a longer snowmobile safari through the majestic nature in Varanger. Along the way we will meet wildlife and most defenetly get lots of local stories about the area along the way.


Relax at out Bootcamp

A nice meal and a view