Everyone in Varanger ride snowmobiles. Why don’t you give it a go!
Most of the exotic environments of Varanger are inaccessible by car, and why drive when you can snowmobile!

A full day’s trip? Or just a quick ride to experience it? You decide!  The possibilities are endless, you can go exploring in daytime, Aurora Borealis hunting at night. Experience the authentic Varanger while driving in the arctic wilderness.

The snowmobile will be delivered with a full tank of gasoline. Refills are extra.

Utlån av snøskuter! For å virkelig oppleve Varangers ville natur må du av veien og ut i løypene, vi tilbyr snøskuterlån til rimelige priser, med en tank bensin inkludert. Vi er også behjelpelig med å peile ut hvor eventyret går, og hvilke maskiner som passer turen best.

Level: Easy-Hard

Days: All days

Period: December – May

Details: Health and safety instructions and equipment included

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1 driver, 0 passenger, 1 driver, 1 passenger


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Snowmobile rental

Everyone in Varanger drives snowmobile. Why don`t you give it a go!

Our Arctic landscape is covered by snow during the winter and why don`t do as the natives does and go for a drive? You can go on a longer snowmobile safari through the majestic nature in Varanger. Along the way you will meet wildlife while you drive on the marked trails.

You can get a long drive or just a short drive, u decide yourself when booking a snowmobile for yourself.  There are plenty of options, you can go for a trip to explore in daytime or you can go hunting the Aurora Borealis at night. No matter what option you go for the trip will be brilliant.  Experience the authentic Varanger while driving in the Arctic wilderness.



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